Progress Report: February 2014 Goals

I find tracking my progress important. It’s all too easy to look at your end goal and think, “I’m so far away” without realizing how much progress you’ve actually made.

Which is to say, I’ve accomplished more this month than I thought.

Finish self-editing book 1 [IN PROGRESS]

I’m coming up against a dilemma here: stick to my self-imposed deadlines and into the hands of beta readers or keep going to make sure it’s in the best shape possible before handing it off.

Actually, that’s not really much of a dilemma. I’m not going to hem and haw over the draft’s perfection (or lack thereof), but the amount of rewriting I’m doing requires more self-editing to make sure my changes work. The ultimate goal is to put out the best book possible—it does nothing for my brand to rush it.

I should get through my rewrite by the end of February, though, so there’s that.

•  Name writing event [COMPLETED]

And no, I’m not ready to tell anyone what it is yet. Soooooon.

• Write March business posts (3/4) [IN PROGRESS]

Now that my editing process series is over, it’s back to the content creation grind. I have a lot of ideas, but I need to sit down and get them all out. I can do this! Plus, I’ll need to step this up so I have extra time during my writing event in April.



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