The Beginnings of My Authorial Pursuits

I’ve committed to publishing two fiction books in 2014 and even though I don’t plan to release anything until May, that doesn’t mean I’m sitting back and twiddling my thumbs now.

If I’ve learned anything about building and launching a business, it’s that a serious amount of planning and executing needs to happen behind the scenes before anything official happens. And since I’m primarily using this space to track my progress (and rant about whatever catches my eye) (and because I didn’t talk about January’s goals), here’s what’s I’m in the middle of:

Setting up my author spaces

I’d originally planned to self-publish fiction books under a pen name, but the benefits to keeping everything under Amanda Shofner are too good to pass up. My Twitter account is established, but I set up a Facebook page for Amanda Shofner (while gleefully saying, “They really like me!” every time someone likes the page) and I’m working on claiming my author page on Goodreads.

Which, note, is the most convoluted process ever. Goodreads asks, “Are you Amanda Shofner, author of the below books? To apply, please leave us a message.” Goodreads got a, “Yes, I am Amanda Shofner, author of those books” response. I have no idea what happens next.

This website will also see some changes. Nothing drastic, but a move to self-hosting will mean a design change. I’ll shift the focus to include book pages, but it’ll likely remain a lot like it is now: a place where I post what I feel like whenever I feel like it.

Getting a handle on that editing thing

Between the holidays and Bout of Books, I’ve gotten behind on editing. My goal is to have book one (currently without a title) self-edited by the end of the month. But self-editing turning into rewriting (which I find highly amusing; imagine me madly cackling over the power of using the delete key) and a string of tension headaches this week have left me on page five of 188, when I need about 15 pages per day to hit my goal.

Editing never turns out like you imagine, I suppose. But going through the process myself will allow me to better help my The Path of Least Revision clients. So there’s that.

Finding time to write

Scratch that. That’s an excuse. I have time. It’s more like finding the motivation to sit myself down in the chair and write. NaNoWriMo in November left me with a draft zero of my first book (first draft seems too nice considering I’m rewriting the majority of it) and a head start on book two.

But I burnt myself out in December writing more and this month has been about figuring out how to get myself back in the mindset without having the community spirit of NaNo.

Kelly Apple and I hosted a #onedaywrite, which would have worked a lot better if I hadn’t had a headache for half the day. And, really, my own physical issues are my biggest hurdle at this point, so self-care gets pushed up the list of things I need to stop avoiding. (See also: putting real clothes on.)

It’s a good start, eh?


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