2013 Made Me an Expert Quitter

And despite the phrase “Quitters never win,” here’s what I quit… and why it only benefited me.

1. I quit Language Management, LLC

Best. Decision. Ever. Nothing about that name worked. And by dropping Language Management, LLC and rebranding to The Path of Least Revision, I tapped into my personality to make my business (and me) stand out.

2. I quit #blogbiz

Nikki and I started the Twitter chat because we were both trying to build our expertise in business blogging. And it worked great for the first few months. But at some point, Nikki and I went in different directions and neither of us put the effort into the Twitter chat that it needed.

So while it was fun, eventually we realized it was taking up too much of our time and didn’t further our business. It’s time to move onto other ventures, and it feels good.

3. I quit The Grammar Support Group

I originally started this group on Facebook because I wanted to test the feasibility of starting a grammar course. But I think what I learned most of all is that even though people know they need to improve their grammar skills, it’s not something high on their priority list.

The only interaction I saw in the group was when I posted something, and I never had a strategy for posting, so it was random at best. I either spent too much time on it or ignored it completely. Neither was good. After realizing I’d not put some effort into it for a few months, I decided to close it down for good.

Now I have fewer projects to worry about, which frees me up to go harder on my 2014 plans.

4. I quit letting people bring me down

Well, except for the people I can’t exorcise from my life.

But I think this was the most empowering “quit” this year. I’m extremely susceptible to negativity and pessimism, so learning to turn away from those people rather than continue to engage with them was one of my biggest triumphs. I muted people on Twitter and Facebook, unfollowed people who really drove me crazy, and just generally learned to focus on the people and subjects that made me happy.

I’m responsible for my reactions and emotions. No one can make me feel a certain way unless I give them the power to do so. That means not playing the victim and limiting my complaining.

Sometimes you need to quit to move forward.


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