December 2013 Goals

Every month, I meet with the lovely Stephanie Cleary and Corey Freeman to discuss how we’re going to become millionaires.

If you think December is time to take a little time off, you’d be HALF WRONG. (Also, using time twice in that sentence doesn’t do me much favors.)

Write 20,000 words for story idea #2

Originally, I was going to use December for editing my NaNo story, but since idea #2 builds off the first story, I want to be able to edit them together like they’re one big story. I’m aiming for May and August release dates (yes, I’m publishing), so I should have time to get it all together.

• Write and schedule business posts for January 

January has five Thursdays and I have a six post series on the editing process. I’ve already started writing them, but in December I want to finish them. I’ll also be using the content to host a webinar on the editing (and publishing) process in January, so writing them is webinar prep too.

• Draft out all #PantsOn2014 challenges

I want to have a head start on this so sending out the challenges is a matter of tweaking, not content creation.

What are your goals this month?


2 thoughts on “December 2013 Goals

    • I got inspired by Stacey’s podcast about doubling her business and mapped out the big events I want to do in 2014 too. I feel like I have a much better handle on what I’m doing with something to work for, even if I tweak it along the way.

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