The Real Truth About My October 2013 Goals

Here’s what I decided I needed to accomplish in October, and some explanation or reasoning behind the goals.

Get Freshbooks

Don’t need the paid version yet.

• Research (and get) health insurance [COMPLETED]

I completed my application on 10/29. That’s as good as it gets.

• Publish the next ebook [COMPLETED]

BOOM. The Blogger’s Mindset. I’d love to do another one, but not sure what I’d write about.

• Host another webinar [COMPLETED]

Success! I was much more prepared for this webinar (complete with notes) and it went smoothly. Except I learned I overuse “So” when I’m collecting my thoughts or feel I need a transition into my next sentence. Talented speaker, I am NOT. But I didn’t feel uncomfortable listening to myself (beyond the embarrassing number of “so”s and “right”s and “okay”s), and that’s success. I’m taking November and December off with webinars, which will give me some time to come up with more ideas and scheme for next year. You can watch the replay on conversational writing!

• Outline and plot one story idea for NaNoWriMo [COMPELTED]

It became vaguer as I went, but that’s okay. It’s done. I can begin writing tomorrow. And I am EXCITED.

Yoga every day—no more excuses! [COMPLETED ISH]

I missed one day, but since I was on vacation, I think one day is acceptable.


4 thoughts on “The Real Truth About My October 2013 Goals

    • Public speaking and I have never been friends. It’s probably why I love the written word so much. But if I can edit it out of my writing, I can do the same with speech, especially since I’m aware of it now and know why I use it.

      Thanks, Jen!

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