October 2013 Goals Progress


Here’s what I decided I needed to accomplish in October, and some explanation or reasoning behind the goals.

Get Freshbooks

I may have found a way to keep using this for free for a while longer.

• Research (and get) health insurance

*looks away awkwardly*

• Publish the next ebook [ONGOING]

So going to nail this! Will probably have the majority of it finished by the end of the week. Publish by next week?

• Host another webinar [IN THE WORKS]

Getting everything sorted out for this one. Date is set, topic is settled, and materials are being prepared. My only hope is that my Internet doesn’t fail on me this time.

• Outline and plot one story idea for NaNoWriMo [ONGOING]

Still working on this. Mulling over all the possibilities. I threw in an extra arc and now I’m wanting to write a short story in the world to set the stage for the story itself…

Yoga every day—no more excuses! [ONGOING]

I am DOING this. And it’s been good.


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