September 2013 Goals Progress

Since we’re at the midpoint of the month, I figured a check-in was in order.

I was sick for a week, so I’m behind on my goals. Colds demand naps and who am I to argue?

Finish the re-write of ebook [ONGOING]

I wrote nothing while I was sick, but I should be back on track. Trying to remember it doesn’t have to be perfect since it’s a first draft anyway. Get it done, get it edited, then worry about the rest.

• Give ebook a title 

I suck at titles.

• Contact cover designer to get cover for ebook

I can’t do this until I have a name, so…

• Decide on two beta readers: one business, one book blogger [COMPLETE]

I have not just two beta readers, but THREE. Boom.

• Consider where to take services (editing plus writing and blogging?)

I was going to do this on Friday, then got distracted by writing and laundry. And the Internet.

Go for a walk, for a bike ride, or other non-working adventure three times/week [ONGOING]

I’ve even started biking five miles. Too bad it’s not running. Signing up for another 5k in October to hopefully push me toward getting in 5k shape.



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