I Am Not the Grammar Nazi You’re Looking For

Confession: I hate when people assume that, because I’m an editor, I must be judging and correcting their grammar at all times.

Newsflash: I have better things to do with my time. It’s not all about you.

I don’t care about your grammar. Unless you pay me to care. And even then? I don’t care if you make mistakes. I care about fixing mistakes. You pay me to help you put out the best writing possible. And that’s what I do.

Do I notice grammar mistakes and typos? Sure. But listen. If you’re not paying me, I don’t need to put my language knowledge on display. And if I really need to put my language knowledge on display, there are plenty of other ways to do it besides bringing other people down.

Do I dislike the increasing number of grammar mistakes people make? Yes, I do. But rather than pointing it out (which, frankly, is annoying and time consuming), I publish grammar tricks to make it easy for you to get it right–on your own.

I prefer to empower, not debase.

The truth is that some people just don’t give a damn about their grammar. And those people aren’t worth my time or energy. Grammar Nazis, and what they stand for, come from a very negative, self-righteous place. That’s not where I am or care to be.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not the Grammar Nazi You’re Looking For

  1. Love This! I am taking a grammar refresher in about a week. I know the more I read tech books, the more my overall grammar sucks. In the technical world it is all bullet points, shortened words, key phrases, and diagrams. Grammar is just the last thing looked at when publishing something in that world. Unfortunately, when my day job is on a high (learning, learning, learning) my grammar in my personal writing (blogging, class) gets worse.

    I am thrilled that I have friends that know their stuff, will share tricks, but don’t feel the need to point out every time a typo, punctuation, or spelling mistake happens. I believe the best kind of reinforcement is the positive kind in all situations.


    • There’s no point in answering a question that hasn’t been asked. And that’s basically what people do when they correct people’s grammar. But I also prefer to keep it positive. If you’re been on Facebook/Pinterest enough, you know there’s plenty of negative crap supposed to be funny. I refuse to put that on my grammar Pinterest board. Who needs it?

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