September 2013 Goals

Every month, I meet with the lovely Stephanie Cleary and Corey Freeman to discuss how we’re going to become millionaires. (Except Corey bailed on us this month, so I guess she’s not ready for millionaire status just yet.)

Here’s what I decided I needed to accomplish in September, and some explanation or reasoning behind the goals.

Finish the re-write of ebook

Pretty obvious, this one. I’d wanted it done already, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen the way you want.

• Give ebook a title

I originally called it Blog Smarter. I think it’s a crap name. I need something better. Especially since Blog Events isn’t all that exciting either. And this goal is rather important for the next one.

• Contact cover designer to get cover for ebook

Every good book deserves an equally good cover. I’m hoping to get the same design, but with different colors this time.

• Decide on two beta readers: one business, one book blogger

Honestly, I really wanted my goal to be “publish ebook” this month, but I’m entering the stage where my ability to publish hinges on other people’s schedule and availability. I have a couple people in mind. I just need to ask.

• Consider where to take services (editing plus writing and blogging?)

I’ve been vaguely unsatisfied with my service offerings without really understanding why for a while. Well, I’ve been doing enough thinking about it to understand why. And I just have to figure out how to put it all together under The Path of Least Revision brand.

Go for a walk, for a bike ride, or other non-working adventure three times/week

Even though I accomplished this goal in August, I’m putting it on my list again. Mostly because without this goal, I wouldn’t have gotten out. Which means it’s not a habit yet. (Unlike no business on the weekend. That is.)

What are YOUR goals this month?


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