The Real Truth About My August 2013 Goals

As I mentioned before, I meet with Stephanie Cleary and Corey Freeman every month to work on our businesses and set goals.

Below are my goals…and how I did.

Publish Blog Events [DONE]

I even had Blog Events free for a day and the response was amazing! I’m hoping that the extra exposure will help me make sales. Ebooks aren’t really a great source of passive income, but every little bit helps.

Blog Smarter ebook [INCOMPLETE]

While I have made progress with this, it’s still not finished. It still needs a name, a cover, and beta readers. I’m sure I’ll roll this goal into September.

Write two blog posts about writing and publishing [DONE]

I wrote First Draft Sucks and A Step-by-Step Look at the Editing Process for The Path of Least Revision. The former received the best response, but the latter was important for me to lay out and generally be transparent about.

Deal with my webcam [DONE]

*crosses fingers* As of 8/26, this goal is officially fixed. I eventually had to steal my mom’s webcam, but it works. You can now see AND hear me on Google+ hangouts.

One day per weekend of NO business [DONE]

The ultimate goal here was to work on disconnecting with the Internet/my computer/business. I did a fantastic job with the no business part. In fact, by the end of the month, it creeped into both days of no business. I still get sucked into book blogging on the weekend, but I’m going to work on more NO INTERNET SATURDAYS.

Go for a walk, for a bike ride, or other non-working adventure three times/week [DONE]

I…actually did this. Expanding this into something other than walks really helped. I managed to have one non-working adventure once a week and I’d like to incorporate that into my schedule from now on. They usually amount to afternoons off.

Survive Bout of Books [DONE]

We topped out at 515 participants for our eighth read-a-thon. I am PLEASED with how everything went. And better yet, I survived. I was tapped out and cranky by Sunday, but the wonderful part about Sundays is that everyone is reading or not very active on Twitter, so it’s not an issue.

Other notable August highlights:

• I signed up for a 5k in September.

• Nikki and I are deep in serious brainstorming mode.

• I’m helping Stephanie with her money/finances coaching business.

• The boyfriend turned 30. I don’t think he’s very impressed with it though.

• I learned how to make a GIF using GIMP.


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