7 Facts You Should Know About Amanda

To kick off this blog, I figured it was best to list things you should know about me.

Because these things are the driving force behind what I’ll turn this blog into: a way to track my goals–mostly business, but personal too; sometimes they’re the same–and work on getting somewhere.

Amanda Shofner

This is me. In case you didn’t already know.

1. I’m a workaholic

Owning my own business has only made this worse. If I don’t stop myself, I work seven days a week. But I still don’t make enough to move out of my parents’ house.

2. I have an addictive personality

I check my phone without thinking constantly, I keep alcohol at my boyfriend’s place, and avoiding food temptation means not buying it…or eating it until it’s gone so it’s not an issue anymore.

3. I think too much/bleed ideas

Bout of Books, On a Book Bender, The Path of Least Revision, this blog, ebooks, style guides, and fiction writing. There’s more, but I can’t remember.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve read articles about how over-thinkers are more prone to depression. I believe it, because it’s true in my case.

4. I’m a recovering perfectionist

Perfectionism is probably one of the worst diseases you can have. It leads to all kinds of issues like lowered self-esteem, depression, and procrastination.

Perfectionism STUNTS growth and prevents you from tasking risks. As a perfectionist, if it can’t be perfect, you won’t do it.

Learning to let myself suck is hard. But I’m doing it. Slowly. Maybe. About half the time.

5. I have social anxiety and a dash of general anxiety for good measure

I don’t really have friends, at least that live close, so the social anxiety isn’t much of an issue. The general anxiety is often directly related to how well I take care of myself.

6. I’m terrible at taking care of myself

I forget to eat, I don’t exercise enough, and I tend to say, “Fuck it” and eat my emotions. Or hormones. Mostly my hormones. I also flat-out don’t care that I’m not taking care of myself sometimes and won’t do it unless prodded otherwise.

7. I’m incredibly self-aware

Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it leads to self-loathing. It often just leads to me getting frustrated when others don’t understand their problems the same way I do mine. (And therefore are clueless or whine about theirs.)

And sometimes I just push people to accomplish their own dreams. Because we often just need an outside perspective. Or a kick in the pants.

This is my attempt to kick myself in my pants.


2 thoughts on “7 Facts You Should Know About Amanda

  1. *Kicks you in pants as well*

    Good post. Do you feel a bit freer after writing all those down? I think my biggest fail may be wanting to do everything and not realizing that there isn’t time for it, not doing it, and beating myself up about it. I’m trying to learn that there’s only so much I can do as a person and I can’t give great focus to work, exercising, house projects, mindfulness, and socialability all the same time. Sometimes I do great in one area, slack in another, and then go back and forth.

    • It was pretty freeing to write everything down–it’s why I ended up naming my ‘about me’ category Unapologetically Amanda. NOT GONNA APOLOGIZE FOR MY FLAWS. (These are definitely my better flaws.)

      We talked a little about balance in the Thrive Hive recently. Mainly that balance doesn’t exist. Some areas of our life are always going to receive more of our attention than others. And it’s less about doing it all or equally splitting your time, and more about knowing what needs attention when. At least that’s how I look at it.

      I’ve also been trying to be more realistic about what I can accomplish and what I can’t. Forcing myself to slow down on all my ideas is a good thing. I mean, I still have ideas coming out of my ears (I don’t think that will ever stop), but I don’t always act on them.

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